Add a Phone Number to Saved Locations

With our most recent update, TripLog has introduced the ability to add phone numbers to saved locations! Whether adding a new location or updating an old one, there is now a field to add a phone number.

To add a new location, swipe left on the main screen or use the hamburger menu in the top left and hit “Locations”. Then, hit “Add Location” in the top right. You can then add a phone number, and you can call it simply by tapping the phone icon. Easy as that!

To edit a previous location, go back to the “Locations” screen and tap the location you want to add a phone number to and hit “Edit”. This can also be done on the main trips menu by tapping a name or location and then clicking the three dots on a name or location and then hitting “Adjust details”. You can also make a call from that three dot menu.

Thank you for using TripLog!